Type and Layout

Star Snaps! The Constellation Card Game 

For my first final major project I created an exciting, interactive and educational stargazing themed card game, Star Snaps! The game is primarily targeted at an audience of children aged eight plus but is also challenging enough to engage and entertain fully grown adults who may want to play the game with their children. 

There are 54 playing cards in the pack, just like a standard set of playing cards. The cards contain detailed information on 27 constellations from the northern hemisphere. The game itself was modeled on the playing card game, pairs. There are 2 cards for each constellation. One of the cards features a basic outline of the constellation with its name. The other simply has just the star patterns, with no guidelines or name. These elements of the cards glow in the dark! On the other-side of the cards there is just simply printed text stating a fact about that constellation, this not only preventing cheating but also provides a way of checking the coupling is correct at the end of the game.

 I wanted to keep the design of the cards really simple and concise. I was tempted to make the cards black and white but decided the starkness would not be too appealing for my target audience and therefore opted for a blue element within my colour scheme using a dark blue/black colour for the backgrounds and a softer baby blue for the text on the back of the cards. I used the font Futura because of its simplicity and personality and I felt the shape of the font fitted with the sharp angles of the stars. 

Puffin Competition brief – Book cover for Grimm’s Fairy Tales

This was my finished book cover design for the Penguin Design Awards 2012 – Puffin Children’s Prize Brief  an annul competition in which students are encouraged to submit their own book cover design. This year the books where: 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey – Penguin Adult Prize

Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm – Puffin Children’s Prize.

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